Birds have flown

It would seem this would be a cause for joy, after all – the birds are free. Or, if those birds are long dead, there are no replacements held in captivity. And yet, this intricate cage, at the side of the road, forgotten… makes me wonder if the captor has flown as well. She will not be back either.

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14 thoughts on “Birds have flown

  1. Beauty in emptiness? Trying to picture what kind of bird lived in this intricate cage. Hope it was singing all along and burst out with a free chortle. It’s off exploring the big, new world now~! Hope the cats are away!!


  2. Actually, it occurs to me that the bird probably died, hopefully from old age, though I recall having lots of little canaries as a child that died within a few weeks. I think they cost under a dollar, so my mother just bought us a new one – we didn’t even realise the old one had died. but whatever the bird – this cage was tossed outside, or maybe given to a child to play with who forgot it and it has been overgrown – made of sturdy stuff though – it’s been there a few years now…

    On the other hand – my sister once had a parrot in Queens, which screeched every time someone entered the room – terrorising all visitors! She decided to give it to someone in the Bronx and took the bird up there on the subway. It was pretty quiet on the train, but began freaking out as she climbed up the stairs to the street. She lifted the lid and whoosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! off flew that massive, multicoloured creature… Somehow it had unlocked the cage and freed itself. I figure any bird that clever could find a way to cope with a New York winter… it’s probably still there – screeching at strangers…


  3. I really like the effect you’ve used on this image. Is it a filter?

    (It’s nearing 5 a.m., and I haven’t been to sleep yet. Trying to keep myself amused.)


    1. I thought you were up very early… I’m up late – it’s past midnight… this night-owl business – fosters creativity, insanity and gets one out of synch with the rest of the world… for some of us, there is no other way. Though I do try… my poor husband is an early riser…

      As for the image, it’s a couple of filters – outline and coloured pencils. I then deleted the original photo, and took a small soft brush and ‘watercoloured’ the leaves. Then I added a paper bag overlay and scrolled through the blending modes to get the effect I wanted. A bit of vignetting and some hand touches on the cage and voila! I am rather fond of this – a different sort of take.

      After all this time, I’ve got much of Photoshop nailed… I used to use Actions occasionally, but now I know instinctively how to get the look I want – and I find that so so very very cool… (like the one I did today… it’s exactly what I had in mind when I shot the guy…)


      1. Amazing to hear about the techniques you use to bring the background to this level…a great enhancement.
        Creativity, the right tools, practice, and your intuitiveness for us all to enJOY~! Thank you πŸ™‚
        P.S. I’m the early bird who flies the coop and my husband is snoozing. This way we each have our solitude
        that re-charges us.


      2. You are so right on the night owl-early bird issue… both Bobby and I require huge amounts of solitude, and now that I am also working from home, it could become an issue – but he has his early mornings, I have the night – and we each snatch a few hours during the day… It’s a funny thing, the need for solitude – got to have it, to clear, sort, rest, contemplate… and I am rather a hermit (much to the consternation of my friends (who hate to come all this way to visit…), but it’s just wonderful to have a co-hermit to share it with. Life is good.


  4. Luckily for me, my husband is a late riser, unless he’s working first shift. But we both stay up much too late. My insomnia isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be, but last night because of the lingering bronchitis cough and other things, I just could not get the eyes to close.

    I’ve never heard of paper bag overlay. That’s in Photoshop? I really like this overall effect. Very talented, my dear.

    P.S. How did your nanowrimo go?


    1. No, there is no official paperbag overlay. I literally found an image of a paper bag and used it as an overlay and then tinkered with the opacity to get the right depth of colour and penetration… One of the cool things about photoshop is that you can stick things over something, but if you can find the right blending mode, they can look like they are the background…

      do you ever post your work? I’d love to see some of what you’ve done…


  5. Once in a while I include some of my work with my posts, but haven’t done so in a very long time. I find that if I become involved in my photographs, then I start devoting all of my time to that and forget to write. I am not known for my ability to balance well.

    That being said, I shot some really cool images of the moon the other night (white and orange halo) and was thinking of working with them to include in a post. I’ll let you know.


  6. You have a great eye for seeing more in the pictures of everyday. Impressive seeing the before photo and comparing it with your finished artwork here. Thanks for indulging me and yes, please, keep going πŸ™‚ More! More~!!


  7. Not a worry! It occurs to me that some of my photos are rather like the way my Dad told stories – bigger, brighter, more detailed and more interesting. And sometimes outright lies… πŸ˜‰


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