Tree Tangle

Giving Gimp another go here

Obviously I don’t quite have the grasp of this compared to Photoshop… but I liked it well enough.

The tree is amazing… sprawling, growing rampant in all directions.

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2 thoughts on “Tree Tangle

  1. Ooh. You had me at tree. Where is this beautiful behemoth? So sprawling and ancient. I love it. Would love to climb its limbs and hang about with a book.


  2. Then you must come and visit me in Auckland. It is an ancient Pohutakawa tree, sprawling rampantly in the Parnell Rose Garden. This is about a quarter of it – taller, wider, deeper – it goes on and on… very Swiss Family Robinson… It’s so easy to climb, you’d have a short easy scramble before you found the perfect nook to lose yourself.


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