Spotted Robin

I had an hour to kill before a holiday dinner tonight, so I brought my camera along and wandered through a nearby park. This female spotted robin really made my day – hopped up so close to me. They make a couple of hops and then pause and listen for worms – perfect pauses to focus and shoot! I got several great shots, but I like this head-on shot – you can really see the pattern of the markings on her head. There’s a bit of hawk in there, I’d say. And I just love the detail on her spotted breast.

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4 thoughts on “Spotted Robin

  1. Nature is so lovely. This is a perky one for sure. Lookin’ at you “woman” to woman as if saying, “I have things to do and places to go but I’ll humor you for a picture.” 🙂


    1. When I lived in the USofA I thought of robins as strictly the red-breasted variety… oh no no… there are many different kinds. We also have black robins here that are unique to NZ.

      Interestingly, they were hunted nearly to extinction (by cats and rats) so by the late 70s there was something like 6 mating pairs left. Intensive breeding and protection has ‘saved’ them, brought them back to the point where they are commonly found, including in my garden … Apparently their now-thriving status is a bit of a bafflement to folks who study these things since genetically they have so little diversity, their weaknesses should be emerging, which would actually finish off the extinction process. But the black robin is stronger than ever… I like a happy ending…


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