Big Buddha

Isn’t it ironic? Is it? Maybe no. Maybe not at all.

Is Orwell even read any more or is he fading into the dimming past? He seems more relevant today than ever before in my lifetime.

Though he became so politically incorrect, excoriated by both the left and the right, I enjoyed almost everything he wrote. And I appreciated his firm belief that there was no point in using a four syllable word if there was a one syllable one that would do the job. I suppose I also identified with Winston Smith more than I obvious cause for. And of course all animals are equal, just some are more equal than others…

I was just wishing for a sojourn to Jura last night.

Btw – this giant Buddha is actually Guanyin Bodhisattva, (thank you irisbass for the gentle reminder) and is in Penang. A treasured relic, it was being repaired – thus the fence. Oddly, an identical replica has been built of metal – and looks nothing like this. Click here to go to a Malaysian site about the temple and statue.

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4 thoughts on “Big Buddha

    1. OH dear – and when my husband wakes up, he will rake me over the coals for getting it wrong… On the other hand, Guanyin Bodhisatta is watching doesn’t have the same literal and rhythmic flow… I hope Guanyin will extend a bit of compassion since my intentions were true!


  1. That’s massive.

    As to Orwell, who knows what’s on the curriculum any more. When I taught English composition, I always used Orwell’s essays, “A Hanging,” and “Shooting an Elephant.” Both were written to well, and the messages resonant even today. “A Hanging”–capital punishment, “Shooting an Elephant”–what we do to save our reputations. I would read “A Hanging” aloud as Orwell should be heard as well as read.

    As to some animals being more equal than others (love the reference), my lab Tillie would agree with you on that one.


    1. This is one of MY favourites of mine… one of those that came out almost exactly or even better than my mind’s eye saw it. And it is huge. The full statue is about 30 metres or 100 feet tall.

      You’ve now sparked my curiosity as to those two essays. I am sure I’ve read them, and they are undoubtedly in my library (ok, TV room, where the book are… :-} ) Not his ‘best’ and certainly not one of his most widely read, my favourite of his is Keep the Aspidistra Flying… one of those books that came to me at precisely the right time, when I most needed to read it. And I keep a ragged aspidistra by the front door as a constant reminder.

      I have three cats, each more equal than the other…


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