Garden variety butterfly

Just a garden variety butterfly flitting around a garden variety garden.
There’s nothing wrong with the garden variety, you know…
We can’t all be fiery hothouse creations
Mad with passion
Demanding non-stop attention
Showing off in front of the whole wide world.
Some of us quietly do what we’ve got to do
and carry on with the day.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

6 thoughts on “Garden variety butterfly

  1. How delicate. Wonder how the touch of the butterfly’s feet feels to the daisy? They are truly a complement to each other. Nature’s friends. Lovely image while the wind roars outside here and warnings of a blizzard take to the air. I needed it. Thanks 🙂


    1. Considering that the butterfly is probably pollinating and cross fertilising that daisy, I suspect the daisy is in daisy heaven, making unearthily delighted daisy murmurs of joy!

      How did the blizzard pan out??? I have not been in a proper (or even improper) blizzard for so many years, I don’t quite recall… though the mournful sound of the wind whipping around our house and the rattling of my jack-frosty windows will never quite fade away…


  2. The blizzard went north of us and the icy roads south so we have just a couple of inches of snow. Of course our lake froze over now but winter has a beauty all its own to enjoy. Amazingly we are slated for 60 degree temps. for a few days and Thanksgiving travel will be much easier. (We will be at a brother-in-law’s ranch in Wyoming so have the east to west travel across our state.) Enjoy your spring there!


    1. 60? Will that confuse your spring bulbs? Or do they know they’ve not rested long enough yet?

      Hope your Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful. My daughter Sylvia has taken over – after a lifetime of being my assistant (well 25 years…) She makes the most amazing pumpkin pie, has taken some of the fat out of the traditional family stuffing recipe, makes rolls that Betty Crocker would weep for and does a free range turkey that could flutter through the trees! In a country where Thanksgiving is a novelty – we have a long list of dedicated fans who never miss it…


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