On Top

Yeah, it’s a photoshop trick – but still… I rather like it, if only for being able to use one of my surfer photos. I was especially fond of this one as he seemed to be skating on top of the water. OK and the splash next to him is pretty cool, too.

Besides, it may be a bit hokey, but I rather like the idea of being on top of the world when you are doing something you are passionate about…

Shot this one with a 300mm lens, which really makes me want a 500mm. In time…

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4 thoughts on “On Top

    1. Wow! I hadn’t considered that possibility! I just liked it because it seemed like a good way to capture that ‘top of the world’ feeling we love, but probably don’t get enough of.

      But if he’s surfing in the washing machine, I hope he’s made of stern enough stuff to make it through the spin cycle…


    1. I am looking forward to that day… not anytime soon I am afraid… I am just paying off the new camera now. And I really want a macro lens (much much cheaper than a 500mm), so that will be next.

      I love the Canon. I will never go back – but one of the positives about the Olympus was that there was a very finite limit on the available lenses and accessories… The Canon range is an unlimited Pandora’s box. Sell the house! I need a new lens!


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