Memories that are shared are stronger and truer.

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6 thoughts on “Need

    1. Oh dear… not sure what I was going for here, but it was a nice photo of a nice bee hovering over a nice flower… but it needed something more. Not sure this was it, but maybe… The sky was a lot more blinding before I had my way with it…


    1. Mmmm… strawberry jam… NaNoWriMo… coming, but behind schedule which annoys me to no end… not sure I am going to have the full count – though we are only halfway through the month… I had a huge project to deliver that included me pulling an all nighter – literally… it took several days to recover.
      On the other hand, I am not giving up… How is yours coming along???


    1. Yeah, this one will get a bit more work before it’s ‘finished’… I was going for a graffiti look… I think I should use the technique I used on the Big Buddha…and probably a different font…


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