Phoney Fake Fabulous Fun

Despite that glitz and glamour are about as far from anything I would define as ‘my style,’ I love it on a ship – the glitzier and more over the top, the better. I suppose it’s the immersion in a world that is not mine, not of my design or under my control.  And not my responsibility. No reflection there – other than in the hundreds of mirrors…

This is the lower atrium of the MS Volendam… slightly subdued actually, a bit of a throwback to the pre-war years sense of luxury…

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6 thoughts on “Phoney Fake Fabulous Fun

  1. Ah yes, the glitz. Luxury cruiseliners for sure earn their name. It is like time stands still and all around you is a little bit of wonder and awe. The “luxury” view from the promenade out over the ocean is still my favorite, though 🙂


    1. Mine, too! Cruising is just another world altogether, I guess… My favourite way to be alive, and yes, that feeling has nothing to do with the glitz and everything to do with that endless expanse of ocean, any kind of day, any kind of time and kind of weather.


    1. Apparently there is a thriving cruise business out of Galveston, so no need to fly to the ends of the earth to pick up a ship. Unfortunately, Holland America does not stop there, so you may have to fly to the west coat for their particular brand of luxury…
      Still, it’s hard to go wrong. I’ve been on a range of ships, sizes, prices and levels of indulgence. Had a blissful time on all by one. The only cruise line I would not go on again – well, not unless it was free and in a balcony mini-suite, is MSC. They had a pretty ship, but horrendously disorganised service and feral children who peed in the pool and grabbed you feet through the steps when you were going down. Fortunately the ports were in Greece and Southern Italy and there were a lot of them, or I would have felt like I was a prisoner in my cabin for a week…


  2. I agree. I hate the whole Vegas style, but put me on a cruise ship, and I’m all agog. I still think that I may spend my last days on a cruise ship (if I have my way), just eating good food, and sailing wherever.


    1. Lola – let’s go together! We’ll be a couple of desiccated old widows going wherever the ship takes us. And we can invite everyone we know to join us anytime, anywhere… And I would so love to just be tossed overboard and fed to the fishes when my spirit has departed from my flesh…


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