Johnny Jump Up

One of the sure signs that spring is here, despite the cold that just won’t quit is the annual Parnell Rose Festival, arts, crafts, and roses, roses, roses. Yes, I took some very nice photos of some of the roses, though I was with a friend who is not used to being with a photographer, so I had to restrain myself – no laying on the ground shooting flowers from below…

So I get home and look at some of my shots and this one, a long exposure under a tree, so I had time to play with the zoom on the lens, won the day for me. A bunch of Johnny Jump Ups growing under a big shady tree, so common, so ordinary, really just genteel weeds. They were one of my mother’s favourites and she was a grand gardener, but had a soft spot for these little guys, and now so do I.

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Jump Up

  1. The blur of color is for sure about jumping 🙂 I think photography would take solitude so you can take your sweet time.


    1. generally I prefer solitude, or the company of another photographer such as my husband. However, I got so frustrated when I didn’t have my camera with me at some time or other that I’ve got in the habit of bringing it everywhere and sometimes pulling it out and using it when ‘normal’ people are about… it’s always amusing…

      on a trip, a friend accused me of using my camera as an excuse to stop every couple of minutes & that I was avoiding getting good exercise (different ideas about what ‘going for a walk’ meant), then – both my batteries died on me after a day out and I asked if I could shoot a few photos on her camera, a very nice Sony Point and shoot. She agreed, but then freaked out that I was taking so many I was going to wear it out… She took 10-15 shots per day and that was all… yeah, photographer do have to either go it alone or with another photographer… ha ha…


  2. Weed is all in the eye of the beholder… Johnny Jump Ups are considered weeds by some since they self seed so easily. Even back when I live in upstate New York.

    But New Zealand has serious weed issues with some unlikely plants, including: Wandering Jew, lupines, gorse, heather, wild ginger, pampas grass, honeysuckle and ivy… brought here by settlers and later gardeners… they stuck them in the ground and they’ve gone nuts… Mind you the South Island ranges are almost unbearably beautiful covered in multi-coloured lupines in the late spring. It’s just that they are crowding out and killing the native fauna.


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