St Petersburg Morning

We took a dawn cruise on the Neva on out second day in St Petersburg. The air was heavy and grey flecked with drizzle… then it changed its mind… I am sure I should know the name of this cathedral, but I don’t…

No time today to Nanowrimo today- worked on wedding stuff all day and then went to see Steve Winwood and Steely Dan in the evening. Amazing show but didn’t get home till well past midnight… going to have to do double duty tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “St Petersburg Morning

  1. Steely Dan and Steve Windood? So envious, as I am always envious of your world travels. Good luck on the wedding plans. Try not to pull out your hair.


    1. Nah – no hair pulling, either our own or each other’s. Finished off the invitations and related stationary to go to the printer, bought a gazillions metres of chiffon for curtains to hang in the venue – whilst it is literally right on the water so the views are magnificent, in the interior there are some less than attractive views, so we are going to make chiffon curtains to drape across the offending areas and hopefully turn them into areas of interest… I just love doing this stuff! Ha ha…


  2. Sounds like a huge amount of preparation to make the day unique and lovely. Hope we get to see some photos and for you to be only the Mother of the bride and not the photographer 🙂


    1. oh yes – I will be there as mother of the bride, not the photographer! We’ve got some friends who are amazing photographers engaged for the day. I will, however, shoot the pre-wedding portraits in the week prior…


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