365! A whole year’s worth of images and poetry! I think that warrants a Holy Mackerel, Batman! A Holy Christmas, Mrs Lew! And a wee bit of self-satisfaction.

Time for bed!

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10 thoughts on “365!

    1. Thanks, Amy… it is a bit of an achievement! A nice little treat – I had ordered some ‘daily deal’ specials a while back -soft cover picture books of a selection of the images 22 pages each, so 66 of my favourites. They arrived today… Having fun reflecting…


  1. Celebrate~! Way WoW~!! You did it and deserve to meander on the photo path for awhile. Try fun new things or do none at all OR do it up BIG and NEW~! Up to you 🙂 I have really enjoyed the 365 day journey with you. Thanks again~!


    1. Well that just bounces my ball! Thank you Happy!

      I went out and bought the crepe paper for the paper flowers today and will make them during our nightly episode of 6 Feet Under (possibly the most depressing show ever made, which my husband loves… we are starting season 3 tonight… the flowers should help…)


  2. Flowers for your daughter’s wedding? Maybe you can get him to help so you’ll both have a day brightener 🙂


    1. No – the wedding isn’t until February and by then the natural world will be overflowing with the real thing… I start the novel tomorrow, they are part of the inspiration process… a new idea. I’ll keep you posted…


  3. Big congratulations to you, so much more productive than I am. I loved 6 Feet Under, and yes, it is terribly depressing.

    Can’t wait for details on the novel.


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