Karioitahi Beach

OK – it has to be quick tonight – I was out at Karioitahi Beach a couple hours south of Auckland for most of the day. And whilst I love the beach and could shoot until I dropped, that’s pretty much exactly what I did – I am completely exhausted…

So – this slightly impressionist take on the surf at the end of the day. I stacked on the ND filters to increase the exposure time, which gives the waves that slightly dreamy, painterly effect.

And at the moment, it’s the final of the Rugby World Cup and the All Blacks are ahead of the French by one point with ten minutes to go in the match… I better go!

Woo hoo! An All Black victory! There’ll be dancing in the streets across the land tonight! But me, I’ll just go tuck myself in for a happy night’s sleep…

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6 thoughts on “Karioitahi Beach

    1. ‘Tis a truly marvellous thing… one of the nice things about a very small country is that something like this is a ‘win’ for everyone – not just rugby fans, because everyone is directly affected in some way. I live out in the bush – I can only see one other house from mine, but when the game ended I could hear cheering and shouting from places I didn’t even know there were houses hidden away…


  1. Looks a little like swimming in a latte froth. Warm and inviting….nice to enjoy when the chill moves in here.


  2. I love, love this. Pictures of a roaring surf appeal to my great love of the water. I also love the name of the beach. So much more intriguing than Virginia Beach, which says nothing other than you’re in Virginia, and this is a beach.


    1. Poor Virginia Beach… I love Maori words and the sound of spoken Maori, full of rhythm and repetition and a sort of internal musicality – very South Pacific.

      And yes, this ‘creamy’ surf is absolutely roaring – in the week since I was there 4 people have drowned in 2 separate incidences! Our west coast beaches are ferocious. (I live on the west cost, but on the harbour side, so my two local beaches are very very calm – no real waves…)


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