The Moon

Just a quickie tonight… One of those long days… Husband’s birthday. A milestone. It all went well.

On we go!

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6 thoughts on “The Moon

    1. It was indeed the coolest of moons, just hanging there like that. I actually snapped this from the car window on the way home from dinner in town. I did have a 300mm lens with me, and I was able to crank up the ISO…
      Hubby handled the milestone well – after dreading it intensely for the last few weeks…


    1. I’ve got a couple to send you – you also asked for the sunset and I think a misty woods shot I took a few months back…

      As for lens envy – I took this with a cheap-as Sigma 70-300 lens. Cost me $250 here in NZ, I bet you could get it brand-new for around $100 in the US… I will eventually get the Canon L-series 300mm lens (or maybe the 500!) but… I’ve got to save some pennies for that – it might cost half as much a new car…


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