Came upon this out in a paddock when I was on the South Island back in June. I spent my teens in farm country and have paid at least a bit of attention to what farmers do and use over the years. Yet this contraption reminded me rather distinctly of some torture devices I saw in the Museum of the Inquisition in Cartagena, Colombia.

So whilst I am trying to figure out what it might do (disperse seeds perhaps?) I have to ponder the inventor and what was going through his mind when he came up with this.

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4 thoughts on “Context

    1. They don’t got nothing that rusting away in a field in Texas??? I have not got a definitive answer from anyone… And I’ve discovered that I do not know any actual farmers anymore (never thought I would see that day!) and it seems neither do any of my friends… How has the world turned…


  1. Wow, that is some contraption. It really is a museum piece. I’ll ask my husband, the former landscaper, if he has any idea as to what it is . . .


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