seeing between

When I was a little girl, I did not understand that not everyone saw colours the way I did – that some things were a particular colour, but other things just had a colour. I’ve since learned it’s really not that uncommon – synesthesia – a sort of crossing of the senses. Some people can taste music (even if they have terrible taste in music) or hear textures, which seems pretty fascinating. But I’ve got the most ordinary kind, where things you don’t expect have colours and sometimes shapes and textures other than what you’d expect.

It’s kind of fun to get them to come out in a visual form anyone can see – which is where this ‘came from.’

She’s the lady with the ‘octopus fingers’ the little girl was so enraptured with a couple of days ago.

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2 thoughts on “seeing between

    1. It is, I guess, though it’s always been like that for me, so it’s normal.

      What I have always had trouble with are when people put the ‘wrong’ colours on things. Like a blue A… it’s just wrong. I don’t like looking at it. (Every letter has a colour that is its colour and no other colour will do. They have not changed since I first learned the alphabet. Same with numbers.) The worst is when someone decides to colour-code a spread sheet with 15 different bright colours – I can’t read it, simply can’t. Fortunately, it’s easy to take all the colour out…


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