Dancer from Diwali the other night… from a contemporary Indian troupe, doing a modern version of the bhangra… I find the bhangra to be the most joyous of dances, reckless abandon, dancing like a child who hasn’t been taught not to. Also found in the Jewish hora and Ukrainian trepak and maybe some others I don’t know about… but definitely not in the world I was raised in.

Men didn’t dance unless they were forced… Indeed, my mother always said she knew she had made a terrible mistake marrying my father on the second day of their marriage. They honeymooned at the Waldorf Astoria and Guy Lombardo was playing at the Terrace Bar on the roof. She got up and pulled him to the dance floor. He pulled back and said he didn’t have to dance anymore now that they were married. My Dad could not possibly have understood the joys of the bhangra – which was a real shame… On the other hand – there’s no harm in me imagining him doing it – pretty hilarious!

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4 thoughts on “Bhangra!

    1. Is there an Indian community where you are in Texas? If so, I am sure there are classes… I did a Bollywood dance class last year which was so much fun. And SOOOO exhausting! But I love the different moves – very different from the usual western dance moves… and joyous. And you can’t complain about a position called coconut hands…


  1. Oh, your poor mum. I wish that dancing were something that more men in our society did as a matter of nature rather than as a matter of force.


    1. My mum was married five times by the time she was 45 – all of them disasters – if there was a bad choice to be made in a man, she was there to make it. She gave up on marriage after that. She loved to dance but never found a partner…

      I think the lack of male dancing is rooted in English culture? Not sure… I must consult with an English anthropologist friend who might be able to shed some light on the subject…


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