A little yellow something

Click to get rid of the totally unwanted border!

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8 thoughts on “A little yellow something

  1. Isn’t nature just perfect on it’s own? And you captured it again 🙂 Funny, when I move my cursor over the blue border it turns reddish orange and brings out the plant even better.


    1. Thank you, Ms Happy… Nature is and has pretty much always been the primary source of human inspiration – I think. Not just of artists – who has not sat and watched the sun go down and reflected on the day, and the past and plotted the way forward? The came, the setting oneself free, the pondering… who knows where it goes from there… but it starts in a quiet moment. At least, I think so…


  2. Thanks for the interactive photo. I like both – the reddish orange and the click to nothingness. Your text is perfect for the photo – AGAIN.


  3. Okay, just a bit of technical magic going on. Your border changes when the cursor is on it to allow the user to click through to the link, which in this case is just your picture sans border . . .

    Personally, I like the accidental/incidental magic myself. Love this shot. What is the name of the flower?


    1. I like the picture without a border (and you know how I love my frames and borders) as I guess the ‘nothingness’ is the border to me here…

      The flower is from an NZ native tree, the Kowhai (pronounced Ko-Fie – no accent – Maori words do not have accented syllables in general, though we usually add them because English words do…). it’s in the Sophora family, which can be found pretty much all over the world in one variety or another, but it tends to specialise itself rather quickly and uniquely to its environment – so ours is ours. And if you’ve got one, it’s yours…


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