Birthday Cake

Rather a quickie tonight as I had to dash down to Wellington this afternoon to cheer on the Canadians as they battled the All Blacks. As expected, they were thrashed within an inch of whatever it is that gets thrashed against as they came away with a score of  15-79. The ABs managed a sturdy 12 tries, though Canada did get a couple in.

Then it was a mad rush back home to prepare for my daughter’s birthday dinner. I made the cake. It was an astonishing success, the best carrot cake I have ever made, possibly the best carrot cake ever. So good, I posted a copy of the recipe on the site. Click here if you’d like to give it a go. The original version came from The Joy of Baking, but I modified to within an inch of whatever was getting thrashed up there, so I consider it MY recipe now. (Replaced the white flour with whole meal and extra bran. Added pineapple, raisins, walnuts, a bit more spice…  And unlike my darling Grandmother who refused to part with any of her secret recipes, no matter how much I begged, and who actually took them ALL to her grave! I am happy to share…)

Maybe something more complex tomorrow…

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. My sister is always talking about going face down in some delicious (food) creation and now I understand….I would in this cake~!! Fabulous and I’m sure your daughter was touched at your effort or have you always done the delish for her birthday? Timely since my godson’s wife had us for her birthday party yesterday and my sis did lovely, individually decorated cupcakes…sweet too 🙂 Now I realize we didn’t sing Happy Birthday to her. Did you?


    1. I have always done amazing cakes for her – and the older daughter… that was how I built my ‘name’. Other parents saw my kids’ birthday cakes and asked me to bake for them. And then their friends kids parents saw them… Never a big money spinner, it was still fun, and nice to get paid something.

      Yes we did sing the usual happy birthday song, but we also have a family tradition, “Older” from a weird little artsy group called They Might be Giants. It’s goofy fun and if you’re curious, you can see/hear it hear…


  2. Titi, I’m yours for life…well, as long as you send a piece of that incredible cake!

    No, being a woman of my word and recognizing you are likewise, a million thanks for cheering on our boys (who are partly yours, too, of course!). I’m positive the 17 points came only because of your presence and support. Our papers are bringing out every positive point they can scrape out of those crushing plays. 😀

    I looked for you in the crowds of Auckland. I saw a woman with a camera, in a Tilly hat, running from one side to the other. I’m sure it was you. 🙂


  3. That is one beautiful cake, which reminds me that I still owe my husband a carrot cake. I was planning to do a box, but you have shamed me, and I actually think that I might tackle your recipe, even though baking is not exactly my forte.


    1. You won’t be sorry… This is a recipe where the whole wheat and bran are what gives it the wonderful texture – it would not be as good with white flour. Let me know how it turns out. It was not a difficult cake to make, although getting the baking times right is always hard for me – obviously it must be fully baked, but not overbaked… and a cake this moist is a little tricky, so definitely do the toothpick test. (I use a skewer actually.)


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