Build Me Up Buttercup

So there I was, walking along in the reserve in Henderson with a bunch of folks from my photography club, on a gloomy day trying to find something to take a photo of for the Worldwide Walk competition. Can’t say I got anything worth entering, but I stumbled across this little bit of sunshine whilst wandering off on my own.

Got to adore any flower – any thing – or any person that makes you burst into song. I did keep my voice down, but I just couldn’t help myself… Loved the song way back when and love it still…

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4 thoughts on “Build Me Up Buttercup

  1. Good to hear that song again. I remember those “jump suits”… It sure is a lot easier to quieten the clutter and “see” when I am on my own with my camera.


    1. It’s the sleeves I loved! so much fabric gathered into the tight cuffs. Great for movement, though…

      The only shots I really liked from the day were the ones I took of the flowers… nice shots – not grand, but nice is always… nice…


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