Friendship & the Rugby World Cup

A bit of whimsy in honour of the All Blacks vs Canada on Sunday night.

The Canadians have gone mad. Well, they’ve always been a bit mad – rather terrifying to your bog standard Kiwi – though not on the Rugby field. I doubt it’s gonna be pretty on Sunday night… So a little reminder to my Canadian friends… We can still be friends.

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4 thoughts on “Friendship & the Rugby World Cup

  1. Oh I like the red maple leaf for Canada. We’ve had two great trips up there and so enjoyed the folks and the scenery. Lots of hardy people who walk all over in Toronto. Patient drivers who never beep a horn at ya
    and then the ones who jump the green lights and hit the brakes on the red so it sounds like the Daytona 500! LOL~! What is the N.Z. plant, a fern?


    1. There’s a bit of a joke in these parts about the mean Canadians… kiwis are terrified of getting it wrong when they meet a USian or a Canadian – they can’t tell which is which, so they usually say – you’re Canadian… which seems silly to the USians, but apparently there are enough grumpy Canucks who have bit their heads off for getting it wrong, it’s rather a national cringe-fest!

      Yes, the kiwi plant is a fern – we’ve got a million varieties of them here, though that’s the main one… (I think). The women’s netball team are the Silver Ferns… It’s a fern and colour theme in our team names – All Blacks, Tall Blacks (basketball), Black Caps (cricket), All Whites (football as in soccer), Black Cocks (really! badminton)… it’s a funny little place…


  2. Oh boy, Titi…bet you think this clever little photo is going to make up for your All Black heart. Just remember, your readership is at stake. Not that this is a threat. Just, ya know, a friendly little Canuck reminder.

    Bog Kiwi? Yah right!

    To prove how important is your Canadian readership, you have to go and stand with the Canadians who are cheering their little maple-leaf-tattoos off their bottoms – for at least two significant plays.


    1. You Canadians are sooo intimidating! I, I, I’d like to oblige, but, um… the game is in Wellington – 10hours away. And it’s sold out. And there are no flights. And I have heaps of work I have to do on Monday morning…


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