Once Upon a Sunset

You would think I’d be out chasing sunsets every night…

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5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sunset

  1. Amazing how the clouds have the shape of the shoreline. Hope you danced along with the seagull for a bit. Yes, we all should appreciate sunrises/sunsets more often. God’s the greatest artist of ALL time, it’s FREE and He never misses~!


    1. You got that right!

      As for dancing along the shore – I admit I was a wee bit on the cautious side as those were porous, volcanic rocks there, the sort that really don’t weigh much and give way easily…


  2. My GAWD! That’s beautiful, Titi. A mass of life! And guess what…the text you add is just as sharp, clear and apropos as your focus!



    1. You know… I just wasn’t sure if this picture really got it… sometimes a little positive affirmation you need! (as opposed to the funny, negative affirmation – you know the kind – you got it in school – and from kids who envied you but didn’t actually like you…)

      I will have to come up with a red & black themed pic for tomorrow! quelles horreurs!


  3. Oh my. This has to rate up there with my favorite five. Exquisite. Would you do me the honor of e-mailing without text so that I can use. Actually, I so wish that I had had this image for yesterday’s post.

    Absolutely lovely.


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