Waterfront at night

I feel a little guilty putting up what is essentially just a pretty night-time reflection shot – but it’s been a busy time and I am so pleased with the shots  I got on Monday night – not that they are technically perfect, more that I am discovering the capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark II camera… This is really just me walking down the footpath overlooking the harbour and clicking away – no tripod or even time to compose… I’m pretty sure I’ve dreamed of this. But then I sometimes get this little sense of panic – I mean… the camera is so good – what is there for me to do once the clicking is complete?

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6 thoughts on “Waterfront at night

  1. I’m drooling… That’s the camera I need. I am dyslexic which means that as much as I love using manual settings, I keep getting stuff backwards. My pride keeps me away from auto – I use a Canon Rebel. But I study the settings, then get it wrong. Really frustrating. I take different settings of the same thing to get a good shot, but when the timing is of the essence, I’ve lost it.


    1. Well, I can’t think of another camera that would let you point and shoot at night like that – except the pro Canon and Nikon cameras (or the super luxury high-end pro cameras that cost a year’s salary…) Didn’t realise dyslexia would extend to things like camera settings – I suppose the only ‘treatment’ for that is to keep doing it until it becomes second nature – like playing the piano, it that makes sense. I’m not dyslexic, so I am not sure. On the other hand, backwards and opposite always provide some interesting effects, so you might have a slight advantage creatively to compensate ;-} I am lucky to have a great sense of light – how much there is just by being in it – don’t need a light metre – that definitely speeds things up…


  2. Titi – I just talked to one of my dearest friends. His name is Sefo and he comes from Rotuma, a tiny island about 500 miles north of Fiji. I can bet my bottom dollar that you’ve never been there!! Rotuma has it’s own website, but here’s a video that gives an excellent “feel” of Rotuma. You may know the person who is in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu4-Lo2pA7Y&feature=channel_video_title

    So Sefo is a South Sea Islander, living here in Canada, who is rabidly passionate about the All Blacks. Therefore, we are the best of friends during the winters in Canada when there is no Canadian Rugby team! At present, I am only just tolerating him. I think I will discontinue communication until after the 2nd. 😀

    I told him about your hubby having a good pee with one of the most famous All Blacks. That got him. He was green with envy. It dripped through the phone!!

    Anyway, he cannot believe you allowed me to manipulate you into giving even a cursory cheer for Canada. He said, “Face it, Amy, Canada will do exceptionally well on Oct 2 if there is less than a 50 point spread between them when the All Blacks win.”

    That may be true, but he needn’t have repeated it three times!

    I told him to be careful. I’m looking for one of the Hookers not chosen to join Canada’s National team in NZ to kick Sefo out of Canada!


    1. Definitely have not been to Rotuma. I watched the first episode of the video – and not sure the husband could handle the ferry trip! May watch more later… No, I have not met the host… I have been to the main island several times and some of the outer islands, but only as far as one can go in a few hours on a pleasure boat. That is the way to see Fiji – I think – get off the main island… though I quite enjoyed the time spent in Nadi and Lautoka, a visitor who shows up in Suva without a local escort/bodyguard will be harassed within an inch of their life! Rotuma may always be the dream, though…

      Be nice to Sefo! And I will cheer for Canada. I mean – I live in the bush, who will know? And I am pretty sure that even if I whooshed them my biggest, bestest super-energy, they still won’t have less than a 40 point spread with the All-Blacks… But hopefully not as devastating as the trouncing Wales gave poor Namibia (81-7)…

      Stay away from those Hookers!


    1. Thank you… My husband now has camera envy. He was content to stick with his Olympus E-3, which is their pro model – but after 4 months of watching the results I get with the 5D he is ready to switch. Of course you still need to do the work, but with a tool like this, it is so much easier…


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