Rugby Fan

When you need  to sit, everything looks like a seat…

Shot this on ISO 64oo with a cheap-as 50mm prime lens with the aperture set to f1.8… I am in total awe of what this camera is capable of… if I see it, it can capture it…

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7 thoughts on “Rugby Fan

  1. His concentration is so intense for sure he is feeling no pain from his improvised seat. For sure you are a “pro” at photos. Love the colors & contrasts as always 🙂


    1. He was my ‘photo of the night’ for sure… I knew it when I spotted him… We were in Shed 10, one of the sheds originally built to house the yachts for the Americas Cup races – it’s been converted to one of the “fanzones.” (Such an odd concept…) Such a huge space and so few people and even fewer seats – all bathed in the glow of massive television screens… It was my first foray to the Rugby World Cup area. I am planning to return on the weekend when there is a game in town so I can capture some of the buzz when there are actual teeming hordes around…


  2. I’m told that Canada and the All Blacks will be playing each other. Now, Titi, let’s discuss who you are going to cheer for. You risk loosing fans, you know! 😀


    1. I can be most congenial in these matters. I mean, there is no chance on earth (never mind in hell) that Canada is going to be whooping Kiwi butt – it’s just not possible. I was working on the ‘adopt a second team’ project back in my old job – and not a single town wanted the US, Canada, Namibia or Georgia. (Even here most people think of Georgia as a US state…)

      So – in this case – since it means so much to you – I will root for Canada. The game is this weekend actually – on the 2nd of October… in Wellington… darn! On the other hand… I had already decided I was going into town to experience the buzz when there were thousands of people there, instead of the 100 or so die-hards we ran into on Monday night…

      What is the Canadian team called? Hmmm – why aren’t YOU rooting for the All Blacks???


      1. Canadian National Rugby Union Team…the name does not hold the dignity that my heart does!

        However, here’ why the weird name…our National team is made up of Canadian players from various teams across our continent. One of our fellows may even play pro rugby in Europe.

        A little WikiSports info: The geographic size of Canada means that talent is scattered across the country making the job of coaches and selectors very difficult. The climate is also unfavourable for playing rugby union for much of the year in most parts of the country.

        Canada has been playing international rugby since the early 1930s, making their debut in 1932 against Japan. Canada have competed at every World Cup since the tournament was first staged in 1987, the only North American team to do so. Canada achieved their best result at the World Cup in 1991, where they reached the quarter-finals. Canada is the dominant power of North American rugby and considered second only to Argentina in the Americas. Canada is currently ranked eleventh in the IRB World Rankings, just 0.14 points behind 10th placed Italy.

        So you see, Titi, I don’t have a “team” that is doing stuff year round. That’s why I adopted the All Blacks as my “team”. Never could resist excellent gluts!! However, I just know there will be some great asses in the Red and Black as well! GO CANADA!!!

        I will read your subsequent posts. But I have spies planted!


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