I Love the Rugby World Cup

I’ve never been much of a sport fan, despite living in a country that is mad for sport, and especially mad for rugby. And we’re in the middle of the Rugby World Cup – being hosted right here in New Zealand. So I’ve been a bit hesitant to go into the city – the evening news is full of crowds and glitches and international teeming hordes of the  rugby mad…Better to stay in the safety of the Titirangi bush…

But I hadn’t caught up with the eldest  in a while, so I ventured into town, camera in hand… No problem getting a table in our usual pub, right on Queen Street. The bartender filled our drinks request right away. We chatted, competing with the various televisions revving up for the game – Wales vs Namibia in New Plymouth (hardly a fair contest – the Welsh slaughtered the hapless Namibians 81-7.) Then we wandered downtown to take in the Fanzone… presumably things were jumping a bit more in New Plymouth, but it seemed rather ordinary here in Auckland.

Big excitement! A student protest marching down Queen Street protesting hikes in student fees – we joined the march for a few blocks, just to get the blood pumping. But when they turned to go up a hill, we continued on. Checked out the fanzone – cool, but most of it was closed for the night. No problem getting a good table in a restaurant, prompt service, good food, no price gouging.

It was a pretty great night out. I think I love the Rugby World Cup!

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8 thoughts on “I Love the Rugby World Cup

  1. Go All Blacks! 😀 They’re my favs! Especially when I saw them doing garbage detail in Auckland as part of their civic duty. That impressed me to no end. But before I knew it was the boys from The Team doing the collecting and hoisting, I couldn’t figure out why the garbage men were all so darned good looking and had such well formed buttocks! Nor could I figure out why Aucklanders were so passionate about their garbage men! 😀


    1. Wow! I think that was slightly before my arrival. I got here in 94… they were still considered amateur players then and did do some strange jobs to pay the bills whilst they entertained the country. I do believe they’ve changed the rules now so they are paid to play, instead of being on payroll and pretending to have a job. that said – my ex was a bit surprised in the loo one day when then captain Zinzan Brook sauntered in next to him for a leak… An unexpected ‘touched by greatness’ moment for sure!


    1. Nope – nothing at all! Looking forward to the All Blacks trouncing Canada at the weekend… errr… well, I’ll be rooting for Canada, just so someone will be. The All Blacks will be fine!


      1. There is a chance Wales v New Zealand will be the final…..only a chance mind, I have not allowed the thought to enter my head yet!


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