Cabo Dawn

The sun was just coming up and the town was nearly deserted, no vendors or hustlers or beautiful people. A water taxi driver offered to take us out around the harbour, charging little more than a song. A truly enchanted and enchanting experience, the honey light, the seals and pelicans, the turquoise sea and this guy who stopped to say hello for a sec.

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9 thoughts on “Cabo Dawn

  1. We’ve been there and did the glass bottom boat ride….pretty much a tourist thing but fun. The picture reminds me of the lovely, sunny day we had on the beach. I’m glad you had the solitude of an early morning so you caught this winging friend on film šŸ™‚


    1. It was surprising how serene and calm the whole town was in the early morning, one of the most beautiful places I have been to – on a perfect day. By lunchtime it was rather mad, but still, for a tourist destination, it was still wonderful. Actually, everywhere we went in Mexico exceeded our expectations. I just loved it. But I should really post some of the amazing shots I got of the pelicans…


  2. Yes, do the pelican snaps….pleeze šŸ™‚ We have white pelicans on our lake and they are bunching up for the winter. Drove through the state park here yesterday and they were feeding with the sunlight as a backdrop. So sparkly white and so big they look like schooners on the water. Often we see them mingled with the black cormorants and I would love to do a B/W picture. Thanks!


    1. Ms Happy – you must set your camera trigger-finger free and get out there and do some shooting! You hunger for it! And I want to SEE these white pelicans…

      Growing up in New York, both the city and upstate, I saw nary a pelican. And whilst I managed to see most of the US (except the northwest) before departing for NZ, I somehow managed to turn up when the pelicans were on holiday elsewhere – apparently in the Dakotas… My very first pelicans were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I was rapt. I can’t convey my horror when I put a pelican photo into a competition shortly after I returned home from the trip and the judge took one look at my beautiful birds and all but spat, “pelicans are just so common!” I was crushed. And the photo did poorly…. I will have to drag it out and post it… tell me what you think…


  3. Oh, I LOVE a challenge! If I can capture anything on our digital with a zoom I’ll post something back. Soon they will head off for the warmer southern climes so I will have to hop on it. Thanks for the encouragement šŸ™‚
    And I still want to see your pelican photos….the judge just missed it is all.


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