Almost feel like I should apologise for another monkey shot… In the west, my sign is Taurus the bull and wherever I go they mosey on over and wanna have a cuddle. According to the Chinese calendar, I am a monkey, and I suppose that might be as good an explanation as any for my attraction to them.

This guy on the other hand, had a singular attraction – to himself. No, he is not drinking – if he were there would be serious ripples on the surface of the water – here, I think the snorted a wee bit as he approached the unspeakable beauty reflected back at him. Sigh… and he did not care a whit that I was so close by… I probably could have sat on the rock behind him – as long as I did the appropriate amount of billing and cooing…

Of course, he rather IS a beauty – look at that gorgeous, gorgeous tail!

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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4 thoughts on “Narcissist

  1. I’m an aquarius, and my Chinese symbol is the boar, which always made me go hmmm…..

    Another one of your wonderful reflection shots. This is rather awesome in its detail, and if I didn’t already know that you have a wonderful camera, I might think that you manipulated a reflection as it’s so perfect.

    And yes, his tail is magnificent.


    1. Nope – this reflection is 100% natural! Yes, I did slightly tweak for contrast and sharpness, but that is just normal processing of digital photos…

      The boar, that is the same as the pig, no? And of course in China, the pig does not have the negative connotations cast upon it in the west… the pig is about wealth and generosity and overall abundance and joy. I have a small wooden pig sitting on my desk in front of me right now… Hmmm… he’s almost Orwellian in his humanity…


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