How They Do It


Spotted this little imp near the Gateway to India in Mumbai. She’d made a break from her family and ran into this flock of pigeons who seemed content to adopt her, even if she insisted on squealing with delight and toddling through their breakfast.

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11 thoughts on “How They Do It

  1. Look at those little hands all ready to grab a couple of birds and take a high-flying ride with them. Her eyes are so expressive like she’s ready for taking it all on. They have Crocs in India….oh my, of course! Love how you brought in the yellow and red with your border and the font color 🙂


    1. If her parents happen to spot this, I’ll be happy to send them a copy. Have you been to Mumbai? The square where the Gateway arch is is simply massive, not quite on the scale of Tienanmen Square, but close… and full of all sorts – from the poorest beggars to shonky vendors to wealthy visitors, not to mention the pigeons and the feeders of the pigeons… – a true cacophony of sight and sound and scents…


      1. I have not traveled to India. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I love having Indians friends on blogs and in Face Book. The place fascinates me although I’m boggled by all the gods. It seems some are so busy paying respect to one god or another that I wonder how they have time for family.


  2. She was really something – a true scene stealer… As for Crocs in India, they have EVERYthing in India – it seemed like everything in the whole world. The culture is a medley of all who have come and gone over the last few millennia, at least on the west coast. The things you discover by going there – because of course a ‘proper’ travel photograph would never have the little girls in Crocs… only native footware or barefoot is allowed… 😉


  3. You are a reporter/photographer in that you capture what you see. That’s great. We learned about “natives” not staying in the old ways at Native American Pow Wows here. We were the ones in the canvas teepee, wearing buckskins and cooking over the open fire and using candle lanterns for natural light. They had their mountain tents, Coleman lanterns and one even plugged in a microwave to cook their supper! Oh yes, tennis shoes are often spotted under the Native costumes too 🙂


    1. Footware… so much to say, so little space to cover and yet so much effort goes into it…

      There is a group of Somali women I run into in the mall every so often who are endlessly fascinating… I’m not likely to get to Somalia any time soon, not with the state the country is in, so I my opinions of the culture are formed by these women, who defy western logic altogether – beginning with their dress… their take on the full Muslim/traditional Catholic nun garb – garish colours and wild prints, head to toe covering, but in flowing glowing fabrics that spring and billow as they move. And do they move – wildly expressive and vibrant, loud with a sense of barely repressed exhuberance and raw sexuality (despite the ubiquitous circumcision of Somali-born women)… they are impossible to ignore or even tear one’s eyes away… and the best bit is the shoes that transport all the above – from tennis shoes to platform heels, strappy sandals, jandals, flip-flops, stilettos and more – not to mention the flashes of socks and stockings… I’d love to photograph them… one of these days…


  4. Ah! Such a lovely picture. Her eyes sort of draw you to look at the picture longer.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Mumbai 🙂


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