You talkin’ a me?

I like a bird with attitude.

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11 thoughts on “You talkin’ a me?

  1. What a face. I have always been in awe of the fact that Ostriches and Emu have these tremendously long eyelashes, such beauty on an otherwise awkward looking bird.


    1. They are also quite aggressive, in a very in-your-face kind of way. This one is actually at the venue where my daughter is getting married… He is quite a character. And given to erotic displays of mating ritual whenever Sylvia is around. I have tried to capture the magnificence of its awfulness, but have NOT quite nailed it yet… I will, though…


  2. I just read this, Titi, and it made me shudder. While in S. Africa, I saw ostriches and didn’t care a fig. Looks like I lucked out that it was not mating season!

    “Abraham Hendriks, 65, was forced to lie on a gravel road and watch helplessly as the ostrich trampled and kicked to death his wife, Ouma, after they took a shortcut across a Lekkerwater farm near Cape Town over the weekend.”



    1. Yikes! Not that it ever crossed my mind to get up close and personal with this guy. Perhaps you saw females? Or just not in mating season…

      But it’s not that surprising – they are enormous creatures and very powerful. And when in mating season, very very sensitive to females of apparently all species. And picky – they won’t settle for anyone, this guy has a distinct preference for Sylvia over me, presumably as her 24 year old hormonal musk is stronger than mine. And of course she is prettier…


      1. Oh boy, the power of pheromones! The only claim to sensual fame I can make – a bull moose once took a liking to my little brown and gold bronco that had racks on the top. From a distance, during rut season, he couldn’t determine whether I was a cow or another bull. He wasn’t taking any chances on missing out on a thing. He stood in the middle of the road, swaying back and forth, with his head down. Being the brave, intrepid traveler that I am, I threw the SUV into reverse and got the hell out of there.


  3. This is how I feel sometimes. Thank goodness no one sees the “real” me that probably resembles this fella! LOL~! And yes, hope you used your zoom lense and kept a safe distance. For sure I he better behave and not “object” during your daughter’s wedding 😉


    1. I was actually pretty close to him, mostly because he was very curious and when I leaned in, so did he.

      And… I can’t say I would ever have taken an ostrich for your familiar… hmmm… if you were a bird… hmmm… the first thing that leaps to mind is the word cassowary – wait a sec whilst I go and look at one… interesting… very interesting… not a whole lot unlike the ostrich, in fact, only the ostrich is bigger – but they have a rather similar shape… but the cassowary is more colourful, so… in the balance, I would suggest no one suspects your true cassowarian nature. But it’s definitely coming through…


  4. LOL~! I looked up the cassowary and found they are flightless….ratz. It would be great to run like they do and I love the colorful head feathers, but flying would be so much better. Have a fine-feathered day yourself~!


  5. Wow! I just looked up the cassowary! They are fierce! I have never heard of them before. The guys in the video said they’ll take crocs over cassowaries any day. Unbelievable!

    Yep, I’ll take an ostrich, thanks.


      1. I had never heard of the cassowary. It does look almost prehistoric. Hard to believe that it only eats fruit. The story about the man’s wife being killed by the ostrich is very disturbing.

        Stay at a respectful distance with your camera.


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