Words & Pictures

Just where does it all lead?

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

4 thoughts on “Words & Pictures

  1. This is such a cool image. I absolutely love it. May I use it?

    (I know that I haven’t used the other images that I asked for, but I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity, and so far, none of my posts seem to measure up to your images.


  2. A road less traveled? On the way to the “next” in life? EnJOY the journey and tell all about it 🙂 (I like the colors, textures and contrasts. Thanks!)


    1. Thanks Happy… This was the result of some meditative thinking, trying to figure out where I was going next, what I should be doing. In a sense, I was attempting to ‘cheat’ the universe by snagging some illicit insight. (You have been charged with illicitly attempting to incite elusive insight- how do you plead?)

      A bit of visualisation. And this was literally what I ‘saw.’ At least, this is the best possible rendering I could come up with, which is pretty darn close…

      I have to say it was a most satisfactory and unsatisfactory answer… but how else could it be? Perhaps it would be easier to invest in an Ouija Board???


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