Dance of the Trees

I recently received some feedback on this blog that went along the lines of I didn’t really say anything and it simply wasn’t engaging because it had no call to action.

I did not take this well. I harrumphed – a lot. I felt compelled to defend myself, not to them because that is just bad form. So I ended up mostly trying to defend myself to me.

It didn’t work. This blog is indefensible. I do it just because I love it. No other reason. No call to action.

Of course comments are always welcome. :-}

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10 thoughts on “Dance of the Trees

  1. Makes me want to climb to the top and visit the trees up there. Keep doing what you’re doing and no matter!!
    Some will get it, others won’t….oh so. I enjoy the chance to draw my own conculsions from your posts. Thanks 🙂


    1. So glad you continue to enjoy. As for this hill – I just love the shape. It’s the shape of the hills I would draw and paint when I was about 5. Truly out standing in its field. (…oops!…)


  2. Titi…are we a bunch of softies? Out of all your readers, when one expresses an opinion in a less than developmental manner, we are thrown.

    Tell you why you caught my attention. You love photography – and you love adding a little tidbit or story about it. Whether serious or humourous, I find you text delightful.

    Plus it’s a treat to visit a blog that is interesting, short and clever. That’s it in a nutshell. Who wrote the manual on Blogs that says they have to be a call to action?

    A blog is a personal art print (as opposed to fingerprint) – it’s whatever we want it to be. If the blog doesn’t please someone, there are tens of thousands out there that are a “call to action”. They read a little like they fell off an assembly line, but that’s just my opinion!


    1. Odd… I know I replied to this yesterday and somehow… I must assume I did not hit the post button…

      But as I recall I think I admitted to clinging to my softiness… In some ways I am a very tough cookie – and it could be a bit easy at this time of my life to become a bit of a dragon-lady – but I’d rather not. So that tender underbelly my have to take one every now and again.

      I guess the feedback got under my skin a bit more than I realised. It was from a site where I mirrored this blog. They told me they loved my work and my voice and would I like to post my stuff there – which of course provided them with free content and they collected the ad revenue. It was fine for a while, but then they reformatted and buried me where I could only be found if you already knew me and searched. And when I asked them what was up that was what they told me… Ugh… Of course it doesn’t really matter, but it left me feeling a bit bleggh…

      I agree with you re blogs and blogging… and thank you for your very nice words… You really do get me! :-}


  3. Okay, bad form. But don’t let that stop you from harumphing and justifying. Your blog is all about the marriage of the words and the images. What is engaging is what you present as an open invitation to the reader to peer into snatches of life and to take away whatever he or she wants.

    Keep doing what you are doing because you do it so well. As Souldipper said, blogs are personal. If a reader doesn’t like one, there are millions more to consider.

    But I have to admit that I know how such comments really tear at the soul and cause us to pause. I once had someone tell me that my posts were much too long and that no one would ever read them. I thought to myself, “well, why in the hell do you think I call myself a blonger?” I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like what I do. Same for you.

    You offer a much needed respite from harangues on politics and all the rest. You do what you claim to do. You do it well.



    1. Thank you thank you…

      I feel a little guilty now, like I was fishing for praise… not on purpose – but I really do feel better now. And justified…

      And your blog posts are long and sometimes dreamlike and sometimes I lose myself in them and have to go back – like wandering through a garden and looking at something I missed… and it’s what you DO… and it’s a good thing…


      1. By the way, after your suggestion a while ago, I was going to have my blog mirrored on that particular site, but when I went to it recently, it was a mess. I couldn’t tell which blogs were being highlighted. It just seemed too difficult to navigate, so I decided against it.


      2. They had a major revamp and I think a change in ‘mission’ or direction, where previously it was more about community and interaction, now it’s about tailoring content in order to maximise advertising revenues at the expense of community (daily, not real-time notifications, no private messages, mixing the blogs up with member content – a disservice to both imo…) A real shame since I think they had built something unique for its target audience. But like so many things these days, it seems that have ‘new and improved’ themselves to the point of no longer being interesting… but something new and wonderful will be along – there is no dearth of imagination and creativity out there creating sparks – keeping them burning has always been tough…


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