The Blob!

OMG – I forgot about the Bonomo Turkish Taffy! I’m missing the movies more than I realised… I must need a movie related project… Or it might be getting on time to make a pilgrimage to the Bronx and see if I can rustle some of those old ghosts…

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5 thoughts on “The Blob!

    1. I first watched it when I was about 7, when I lived in the Bronx, in an old-style tenement apartment building. We didn’t have a TV, so I watched it at my best friend Marilyn’s apartment and then had to walk home alone, in the dark, through these tunnels that connected the buildings, that had rats, and stunk of urine and sometimes you’d get ambushed by bullies. They didn’t scare me, I knew how deal with them. But the Blob! now that was scary! So was Frankenstein. And the mummy. (OK, and I had a fear of closed toilet seats. I was afraid when I lifted the lid there would be a disembodied head in there! Very over active imagination…)


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