High Adventure

This ‘boy’ might be a wee bit old for what I had in mind, but he did remind me of the time when this was a perfect recipe. And you didn’t have to be a boy – and long as you didn’t mind being called a tomboy.

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2 thoughts on “High Adventure

  1. It doesn’t get much better for the boy or the dog. A day to while away the time. Thoughts won’t turn toward home until the hunger pangs hit. Growing up on a farm we didn’t get over to the pond much because it was across the road and out of bounds. We could be outside all day like these two and sleep so good that night. (I was the tomboy too.) I think if Mom wondered where we were she maybe just called for the dog 🙂


    1. Yes! I remember hunger being the reason to go home… I had forgotten all about that sensation… How often are we ever hungry any more??? Really?
      My two sisters were considered much more tomboy than I was – but compared to both my daughters – I was miles and miles more of a tomboy. And that strikes me at the moment, because there was no feminism, empowerment or particular encouragement for girls where and when I grew up – I really did think the career choices were teacher, nurse or nun… and yet I was far more ‘free’ than my daughters who had all this alleged ‘support.’ Yes, they are strong independent women, but I often wonder what they have been liberated from compared to the sixties and seventies…


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