Keeping watch

Meerkats… everyone loves them. They’re just so watchful. Funny thing how they watch and watch and I wonder what it is they are watching for – because they don’t give a gosh-darned hoot that I’m there all human and smelly and snapping away with my camera the way humans do…

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6 thoughts on “Keeping watch

    1. I hope not. There is a very large colony of them at the Auckland Zoo… and they’ve got so much territory to play with – they are definitely spoiled rotten. But extremely photogenic – they just seem to naturally pose in odd numbered groups…
      It does occur to me that I post a lot of animal shots from the zoo – but I love ‘shooting’ animals and while New Zealand is full of so many things, there is a dearth of native/wild mammals here. Bats, seals and assorted whales and dolphins. Lots of birds, though…


  1. What a great pic. I love meerkats. I used to have a snow globe that had six of them side by side, and the song was . . . wait for it . . . . “Side by Side.” I finally had to throw it away because it somehow became covered with some kind of algae or something.


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