Surfers are crazy

This is not surfing on a glorious summer day. This is surfing in the dead of winter in Manu Bay, just outside of Raglan, New Zealand. The water temperature is about 13C (55F), which is too bloody cold to swim in. And why all surfers were wearing wetsuits. But most of them had their feet and hands and heads exposed.

This young man had quite a ride before this spectacular fall. I took this shot at a competition and he was in the 16-18 year old category. I bet he gets a lot of chicks.

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5 thoughts on “Surfers are crazy

  1. Wow! Looks likes nature’s agitator caught him and is spinning him out into a new place. He must be able to hold his breath a very long time. Great colors! The churning white spray against the blue water and then his red & black gear is gorgeous! Your timing is impeccable 🙂


    1. Hi Happy Daze!!! I hadn’t thought about holding his breath – I was thinking more about moving quickly and getting back in charge of his ‘self’ after being tossed through the agitator!


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