Just a pretty picture

OK – it’s just a pretty picture tonight. Twin Lakes in Coatesville, about an hour out of Auckland, where my daughter will be getting married next year. Postcard perfect in every way.

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6 thoughts on “Just a pretty picture

  1. Gorgeous! This is so very much how I remember the terrain outside of Auckland. I remembered the perfumed breezes as I left the city.

    I am related (through marriage) to Doris Dutch – one of your country’s talented potters/sculptors. I wonder if you have seen any of her work. Some of her pieces used to be in the Auckland museum. This photo reminds me very much of the area around her home that I visited – about an hour outside of Auckland as well.

    I loved her sculptures. She had some at home that were not for sale. They were exquisite and full of emotion. One piece depicts a woman who is grieving. Nearly tore my heart out! I’m sure you know of Len Castle. He was Doris’s heart interest. Their connection was terrifically deep, but they could not live together. It is quite a love story.

    My sister and Doris’s brother are now divorced so I have lost touch. If Doris is still alive, she would be somewhere between 85 and 90. I cannot see any of her best work on any website – I see pottery, but not any of the pieces I adored. Thank goodness I bought one of her exquisite and delicate pieces. I still love it.


    1. Shame I had never heard of her… though perhaps her heyday was before I arrived… I googled her – and found an article written by you! Nice. Lucky you to have a piece of hers…

      I have to confess my NZ knowledge is deeper in the literary field than the visual arts, though I love Colin McCahon’s work. His old house is in my neighbourhood (http://www.mccahonhouse.org.nz/ a confusing little site, but if you Click on French Bay or Titirangi, you can find some of his work and a bit about his life here…) and I love going by there. I had no idea that he lived here – one of those little synchronicity things. I would say he and Kenneth Patchen were two of my strongest influences – though I would not compare myself to them (sigh…)

      No regrets but… if I had it to do over again I would have battled my mother to the death to study art. Instead I bowed to her will and studied maths and chemistry… of course – I’m not dead yet!


  2. I love the reflective part of this shot, so clean. I really like pictures that include reflections of some sort, probably because I’m still looking for who I am . . .


    1. Hmmm… I am inclined to query as to whether it is ever possible to know who we are, as we are so busy being and doing in the moment. Upon reflection we might be able to see who we were…
      Are we always looking but expecting to find something that is unfindable? Hopefully we are not missing the findable in the process??? Don’t know… just kind of wondering… Hmmm… now I have to wonder on this some more…
      I also love reflections… and here’s a secret about me – all my mirrors are magic mirrors – when I see myself in them I have not aged a day in the last 25 years…


  3. Wish you’d send one of those magic mirrors my way. The only mirror that I look good in is the bathroom mirror (of course). When I look in the side view mirrors on the vehicle, I always wonder who is looking back at me.

    As to the wondering…I can see who I was, but still don’t know what I’ll be when I grow up.


    1. I wish there was a magic camera lens – but that another story… (well, there is photoshop, which only looks like magic.
      As for growing up – silly girl! Let go of that notion… growing up means you’ve stopped growing – ain’t gonna happen til you’re over and done with…


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