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Winter Wasp

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Stumbled upon this wasp nest on the ground this afternoon. I thought it must have fallen from a tree during one of our recent winter storms. But upon close inspection, it had been built on the ground and was a nest of activity. This little guy was especially charming – and so much prettier than your usual black and yellow wasp. Still would rather not get involved with him, though…

Using Gimp as a temporary replacement for Photoshop. Can’t complain, considering it’s free…

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

21/08/2011 at 12:01 am

9 Responses

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  1. That’s great how the light is shining through his head. He looks like a piece of jewelry.


    Trinity River

    21/08/2011 at 3:36 am

  2. So sorry about the photoshop experience, Titi. I know people can pirate these programs and work around registration, but I like the idea of downloading upgrades without worry.

    You probably felt the limitations of Gimp, but you did a great job of this close-up – and your commentary brings your work even more to life.

    (I’m going to take a look Gimp – maybe it’s simple enough that I can work with it.)

    In the Spring, I was up the ladder repairing my eaves, cautiously sending love vibes in the direction of the hornets’ nest somewhere in my roofing. They accepted my presence. I may be deluding myself, but I think they know that I provide and refresh their water with delight. I sit on a stump to watch them dive in and drink with exuberance and obvious energy. It’s funny to see them dance on top of the water when it’s freshly changed and colder.

    Anyway, while up on the ladder, a couple of hornets landed on the edge of the eaves trough beside me and began spatting. They stood on their back legs and boxed with each other. I scurried down the ladder to fetch my camera and change the lens. When I returned, they were still at it! I got a couple of really good shots.



    21/08/2011 at 7:44 am

    • I’d like to say live and learn, but… there is always someone out there ready to scam… I could see if it was just the DVD – those are easy enough to do, but it included the manual, a book, and the box, all sealed… someone went to a great deal of trouble to make my fake copy…

      As for Gimp – the jury is definitely out, but it seems about as complicated as Photoshop – moreso at the moment, so it is not identical in all ways – but the biggest difference I can tell so far is where things are – I can’t find anything I want to do. Once I overcome this handicap, I will be able to form a better opinion. But the biggest problem with it is that it can’t open Photoshop files.

      I’d love to see those hornet photos – did they turn out well? I have learned not to be fearful of bees and wasps (no hornets around here…) But I am still cautious…


    • Wait – I have to retract my comment re Gimp not opening Photoshop files. It does – perfectly. I’m still not au fait with all things on this new computer, or more specifically, Windows 7. I am having a hard time distinguishing between open programmes and bookmarked programmes… oy!


      • I’m still on Vista and have considered going to Mac with my next purchase. I hear from my techie nephew that Windows 7 is being praised by Mac users as “almost as good”. Interesting! Mac still has the upper hand, however, in support and response – not to mention security.

        One of my character pitfalls – I want to jump into a program without doing tutorials and have it all figured out. I just gave myself a talking to this morning about taking the time to do the Gimp tutorials. I’m a bit of a tenacious creature about wanting to “luck out” with a good shot, but every now and then I want to play. I just frustrate myself – so I’m going to to buckle down and study. Maybe I’ll then understand your last sentence! 😀



        22/08/2011 at 6:58 am

      • I’ve always been wary of the Mac – had so many difficult experiences from the mid 90s to the mid 00s… have not checked them out lately. I can’t say I am overly thrilled with Vista… but I think I am suffering a bit of ‘change burnout.’ I’d like my products to stagnate for a few years, please. All of them. I am tired of not being able to find my favourite brands of things because they have been rebranded yet again – and tired of finding my favourite brand of things have completely changed in unfavourite ways because they have been improved – and having to replace perfectly good pieces of hardware that are only 3-4 years old because they don’t make the battery for that anymore…
        Oh dear, I didn’t mean to rant! obviously this is more of a ‘thing’ than I realised… ha ha…


  3. Yes, please keep your distance from this little fella. Amazing to find the nest on the ground. The black wasps love to buzz around and dive at my red geraniums on our deck but I ignore them and they ignore me. Whew!


    Happy Daze

    04/09/2011 at 1:00 am

    • I thought the nest had fallen and was not live. Was about to pick it up when this guy and a couple of his fellows came peeking out from below… Yikes! they didn’t mind being photographed though. My daughter, on the other hand, was rather impatient…


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