In the mood

My mother had a ferocious sweet tooth. So do I. I suppose if these were here I would eat them, but they are not. They were never here. I photographed them at the Auckland Food Show last week. They were made by Vaniyé Gourmet French Delicacies in Auckland.

They were so beautiful I had to have them forever. Oddly, looking at them almost satisfies my sweet tooth. Yum!


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6 thoughts on “In the mood

  1. Oh-oh…my drug of choice. I’ve worked very hard not to crave these little beasties. My body likes me for all that work! I can look at temptations like this and say, “If sugar just came into the world now, it is such a powerful drug that it would be illegal.” And then eat an apple from Nelson, NZ! 😀


    1. Sugar is really an amazing artistic medium… whilst I did not achieve anything on this level, I spent years working on cake-making, first on getting the flavours balanced and then a few more on presentation, which is an ever evolving set of skills and true art… unfortunately my powers of resistance were fairly feeble… I am a do or do not sort when it comes to pastry… there is no medium, no two-forkfuls and I’m satisfied…

      These days it’s mostly just eye candy…

      Well, there is the 72% Ghanaian chocolate I keep stashed in my office for ’emergencies.’


    1. Well… there IS this bar of 72% Gahanian chocoloate I keep stashed in here for emergencies – but this may have inspired a much greater need… Time to track down Ms Vaniye and get her to indulge us. Which reminds me – I have not put a link to her site on the page! Uh oh…


    1. Absolutely! Or honey if she had some handy…. I think she would be horrified at the trend for nice sweets and candies to be less sweet these days – at least this sort of sweet. I am sure the Twinkie is as sweet as ever…

      Remember her tea??? “Therrrrrre is no such thing as too much sugarrr in my tea!”


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