I never appreciate them enough when they are here, but I sure do miss them when my feet are cold and my fingers feel just a wee bit numb with cold…

Of course all my lovely friends in the northern hemisphere are sweltering in the heat right now and might like to swap places…

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4 thoughts on “Rosebud

    1. Hmmm… so we’ve got the two cool spots on the planet? We’ve got a blast of antarctic weather coming up from the south island. They’re saying we may get the first snow in Auckland for nearly 50 years! Yikes! I’ve got the electric blanket on the bed! And the electric fire going in my office… Brrr…
      How did you get so lucky? That’s a part of the continent I have not visited…


  1. The heat wave finally broke here, but it was sweltering. When it’s hot, I want cold, but when it’s cold, I want warm. Never satisfied.


    1. Same here! Fortunately it never gets super-hot here. Or super cold, though I do whinge about the cold… If I am cold I tend to stop moving and freeze full-time… It’s not been bad lately, though…


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