Welcoming Committee

I went to a wedding show with my daughter a couple of months ago, looking for ideas for her upcoming wedding. Of course I brought my camera and took photos of all sorts of bits and pieces, cos I never know when I will need a photo of anything at all and I much prefer to use my own photos rather than borrow other people’s.

So we came upon this amazing, over the top floral arrangement. It looks rather like the creature from the black lagoon but for the white roses. Definitely made me smile.  So I took a photo. And this is what it looked like. Not much you can really do with that – cluttered, poor dynamic range, confusing lighting. Almost a wonder I noticed it at all.

So why not have fun with it? Playing in Photoshop is rather a bit like Colorforms when you were a kid. You find all the bits and pieces you want and then you put them together to create your own scene.  This one went through a few iterations before I settled on this. The first was in space – I love outer space – I always want to put things there. Unfortunately, they usually look dumb – which this flower arrangement did. Then on a grassy hill with a glorious sky… Better, but as long as I was playing…

I know this formal arrangement in a standard ‘room’ is not exactly unusual – but I enjoyed experimenting with perspectives (the carpet was a rectangle at the start, the doily under the vase was a circle and that table is actually low and squat to the floor.) Colours, lighting, not to mention separating the arrangement from the background clutter! All up this little exercise took more than 5 hours over 2 days! Hmmm – not really a good investment, but I am rather fond of the result. Hope you like it, too!

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4 thoughts on “Welcoming Committee

    1. Thank you – I’ve got quite comfortable with the Photoshop basics and now want to take it to the ‘next level’… get really creative with it… like all good things, easier said than done… the hardest thing is knowing what I want to create… good to push those boundaries – but at the start, I have to say it’s a real challenge… We’ll see how it goes…


  1. I love Photoshop. The last time I spent hours and hours with an image I was completing a site that was under construction, and I was being paid. Hooray. Helluva a job, though. Took me days. First I had to move trees that I had brought in, then I couldn’t get the angle on the garage quite right . . .


    1. Don’t you hate it when people have this ‘oh… it’s photoshopped…’ response, as if you spent 15 seconds to get something amazing (not that this creature from the white lagoon is amazing…)? They’d never say ‘oh… you just used Quickbooks…’ to their accountant…


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