Grunting Rhinos

I rather like this photo of these two, but something just didn’t sit right… So I had a bit of a think – what did it need? What was missing?

And then it hit me – the rhinos are not doing anything anthromorphic, nothing funny, warm, endearing or for that matter, disgusting or horrifying. They don’t make me think of anything other than rhinos with their heads on the ground, grazing. There was the occasional snort, but no terrifying blast. No mad charge. No nuzzling each other – the way I seem to like my animals to be… silly me…

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6 thoughts on “Grunting Rhinos

    1. Thank you, Ms Pink!

      I think in the end the anthropomorphic thing about them is not so much what they do that is like people, but that some people seem determined to be like them. And we have to love them as they are, too!


  1. I like my animals to have character, which is probably why I just don’t take to rhinos. Hippos are funny. Elephants are talented, but rhinos?


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