Fish Spa!

Step right up! You can’t try this at home – unless your home is in Thailand or Malaysia, though I hear the trend is spreading – I found this one in a mall in Kuala Lumpur – but there might be one the mall just down the road from you soon.

Yes, I tried it, though it took two days of walking past before I got up the nerve. There were two pools – this one with bigger fish, that produced all sorts of delighted squeals from the participants. On the other side of the small area was a smaller pool with smaller fish. Neither have teeth. Apparently, they suck the dead skin, which becomes very soft with soaking in the spa, right off – leaving your feet incredibly smooth and the squirming movement of the fish is like a gentle massage that soothes your mind.

OK. I can do this.

I opted for the pool with the smaller fish. In my feet went, with me holding my breath and waiting and then… little bit sting-y, little bit ticklish, way too squirmy…  slightly nausea inducing – but okay. Okay, it’s kind of, well, okay. Yikes, still kind of okay… Actually, more nauseating than I expected. Yikes, they are sliming themselves right between my toes! With a yelp and plucked my feet from the water, much to the amusement of the others, including my husband, who were enjoying themselves very much. I think I lasted about two minutes…

Yeah – I’ll try most things. But I don’t have to like them all.  <<shudder>>

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2 thoughts on “Fish Spa!

    1. Yeah, it really hit a nerve with me – being ‘eaten alive’ even if it was harmless dead skin, even if the fish and the pools were pristine, even if dozens of other people were enjoying themselves. It just crossed a line for me that I didn’t even know that I had… gald I gave it a go, though.


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