Let it Be the Dawn

A chorus of the wind, birds, little waves lapping. My own breath. My heart surely has something to say…

We got no brilliant dawns in Wanaka this year… but two years ago – I am still awed… There are no filters or anything special done to this dawn, other than putting the camera on  a tripod so I could leave the shutter open a wee bit longer without it all becoming a blur.

I’m pretty sure the girl was still out from the night before. I remember those days, when the only time I ever saw the dawn was when I was up all night. That happened surprisingly often. However, dawns like this are rare…

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4 thoughts on “Let it Be the Dawn

  1. I too only saw dawn after being up all night in my younger days. Now I see it in the morning when I wake up before the birds do. I should be happy instead of annoyed.


  2. Birds annoy you??? There’s your project – obsess over them. Get yourself some fancy camera gear including a 500mm (papparazzi) lens and photograph all the birds in your environment at dawn. Record all their songs. Gather snippets of nest. Dry foliage. Clear space in your foyer or entryway to your house. Set up an interactive display so you can share the dawn chorus with everyone who comes by. Get Mr G to build you the framework…


  3. That is an amazing dawn. So crimson and deep. I’m trying my damndest to stop going to sleep at dawn. Gradually, it seems to be working. Haven’t been up since 4:30 for . . . well, a week.


    1. Thank you… I’ve noticed more and more women I know of a ‘certain age’ comment that they are staying up all night and going to sleep with the birds. I also wrestle with this, always have. I know it’s unhealthy, but I can’t seem to stop myself sometimes. I can be drop-dead tired but refuse to go to bed – stay up reading, writing, working on images, even playing games… anything to avoid going to bed. And it’s not like the bed isn’t nice and warm with a lovely man to cuddle up to… Once I get there I wonder why I resisted. Hmmm…


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