Venice, the Back Roads

Somehow we ended up in a water taxi – a free ride to somewhere. It seemed a bit dodgy as we traversed the darker, dingier back street canals of Venice. I had a ‘moment’ which passed… as we burst out of the city from under the Bridge of Sighs and crossed the Grand Canal heading for Murano.  Venice is like that – there’s a darker underbelly – I don’t think it’s really dangerous – but it might scare you a bit, get your heart racing and the adrenalin pumping – keep you hungry for more.

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4 thoughts on “Venice, the Back Roads

  1. Titirangi – The eeriness that I feel when I look at your photo is that there is no place to walk on either side of the canal. The combinations of building and water without walking space does something to my perceptions. Interesting indeed.


    1. That’s one of the many things that threw me off balance in Venice… both my husband and I were enraptured with the place – we were planning to go back this year for his 60th birthday – but we’ve got too many other things going on and just can’t do it… maybe next year…


    1. Yeah, it felt right… Took this on an old point and shoot – amazing how good it holds up. Of course, I now need to do the same shot on my mighty 5D Mark II! Who know’s what will come up!


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