Feeling flat – a friend of mine was killed in a bus crash in Mexico along with five others this past week. Didn’t find out until I got home.  She was spending a year travelling on her own, seeing the world and learning more about who she was and trying to figure out what she wanted to do next.

I always thought she made being FABulous look easy… though she was doing the work.. including the hard stuff.

We weren’t close – neither of us had the time, always meant to get together for dinner or something, but life and work and travel always got in the way and we would meet up at a mutual friend’s or run into each other in town and catch-up and promise not to let so much time pass before we got together again. And now she’s gone and we won’t be catching up…

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6 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Dang it, that is rough. I’m so sorry. Even though you weren’t close, it’s still a blow, and I am sorry for your loss. I imagine it’s especially painful because of the unclaimed potential in the relationship. My heart is heavy for you. xo


  2. So sorry, V., that is a blow to the heart no matter how close or not. To add to her life’s gift giving, I will remember not to put off connecting with another.


  3. Veronica,
    I am so sad for you. I wish that I had taken the time to visit sooner so that I would have known what it was that was getting you down. You have every right to feel sad, even if the two of you hadn’t seen much of each other in recent years. She was a part of your life no matter what. She sounds like my kind of woman: exploring on her own, a bus in Mexico.

    We both seem to be on a road to find out what we are going to do next, as was your friend. I will keep you in my thoughts, and I hope that the beauty that you find regularly through your lens will help to be a balm to you.



    1. Thank you… her memorial celebration was today – just a gorgeous event – so many people were there, even though it was in a rather large hall, it was SRO. So many amazing tributes and toasts and wonderful words…Yes, I am sure you would have loved her… she had cajones – and there’s a heavy price for those, at least for those of us who were not born with them…
      To life! To beauty! To the next bit of the road!


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