Got up to shoot the dawn this morning. Funny thing about dawn – whilst it certainly did arrive, you couldn’t tell by the photos, it went from dark to light with a few shades of bluish grey in the sky despite the crystal clear morning.

So we wandered down a couple of backroads looking for something to shoot. Came upon a graveyard of ancient cars and trucks and tractors, just out in a field, decaying away. It was somehow exciting and so full of stories. This here is just the beginning.

btw… I am on a tiny laptop with no decent photo editing software, so we’re going basic this week…

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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4 thoughts on “Jalopy

    1. Yeah – even as a kid I was fascinated by old stuff – houses, cars, pianos. Strangely I live in a new house – less than 20 years old – the first one ever. I miss old houses with tales lurking in the woodwork…


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