Self portrait on the run

I love to travel. I really do. However, I have been home less than three weeks from my last jaunt and now I am off again. It feels sort of crazy and kind of irresponsible and completely wonderful. But I’ve got to give the new camera more of a workout. And I’m bringing my work with me, so it won’t be all play. (Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that!

Anyway, this is my shadow on my office wall in the dead of night, with a small lamp behind me. The new camera is this good… Well, the wall isn’t really gold leaf – I threw that on for fun in Photoshop… add a little interest. The stuff are bits and pieces of my life, people and places in no particular order at all.

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4 thoughts on “Self portrait on the run

  1. Your shadow fits right in with the other global knick knacks. It looks like a native Peruvian woman with her little black hat on.

    Enjoy, Veronica. If you can, why not?


  2. I love the shadow and agree that it fits in well with your collection. After having just read about your flight, I realize that you did not actually end up with snow and cold crisp air . . . sorry.

    As to the frequent travel, the camera must be broken in. No doubt about it.


    1. I figure one must make plans in order to have direction, but one really should have no illusions that what one plans and what results will ever be the same…

      The camera does not mind that there is no snow… It’s quite excited at the thought there may be frost out there this morning…


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