Vindula Erota

Photography has given me a much greater appreciation of this world. Of course this butterfly would be beautiful, regardless of whether or not the observer was photographing her. But having photographed her, I was driven to discovering her name – and what a splendid name. It sounds like a spicy colourful curry one would find in tropical Southeast Asia. She and her more outgoing, more classicly marked male companion dwell in forests and rainforests, rarely venturing into towns or villages, so it was a special honour to meet her.

Yes, I took a gazillion shots that were blurry, out of focus, out of frame, just plain bad. Worth it to get this shot. It was so crisp and clear, I couldn’t bear the thought of ‘repairing’ her ragged left wing. She’s still a babe!

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6 thoughts on “Vindula Erota

  1. I don’t know which is better — the photo or the story! Was wondering how you knew her name, and am duly impressed that you took the time to find out. Also grateful that you shared that info!


  2. Thank you Ms Pink… To find her name I googled images of orange moths (I was sure this was a moth, it looks very much like the NZ wattle moth, which I learned about because I photographed one that appeared to be dead in my office.) I discovered there are gazillions of orange moths in the UK – but not much help. Then I googled images of Malaysian butterfles and moth and found the male of the species (more pronounced, patterned markings.) but once I found the species the rest was easy.
    I do love her name – distinctly reminiscent of Vindalu. but also, I have a fondness for all names beginning with the letter V (except maybe Velma, but I am sure I could change my mind if I made friends with a Velma.) My name is Veronica…


    1. Yeah, I’d be annoyed if someone gave me a facelift in a photo… of course if someone took 25 pounds off that is a different matter altogether.
      I just got a new camera – a super deluxe – does everything including the dishes camera… I’m going out shortly to try it out… we’ll see what we get now…


  3. I love that name: Vindula Erota. It’s so exotic. I also love the shot. Having never seen one of these beauties, I really appreciate the post.

    As to taking off 25 pounds, absolutely. Congrats on your new purchase. You deserve it.


    1. Thanks – I’ve been giving the camera a real workout… It has such capability, I have so much to learn. I accidentally made a movie with it yesterday – unfortunately, It won’t win any awards and I don’t know how to repeat it – yet… but I’ll get there…


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