Blue Jade Vine

When the tropics get the blues, they really have the blues. The rare blue jade vine, growing in the Cameron Highlands, known locally as the butterfly flower since two flowers placed back to back form a butterfly.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Jade Vine

    1. These were something. I don’t think I’ve ever seen flowers quite this shade of blue before. But Malaysia, Indonesia, I think all tropical countries have an abundance of vivid flora – the higher latitudes are just so pale… which is not to diminish the delicate beauty of a bluebell or lily of the valley…


  1. This is an awesome-looking flower. I’ve never seen one before. I love the name also, the contradiction in blue and jade (which I always think of as green, even though it isn’t).
    I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a flower this particular shade of blue.


    1. Apart from the abundant sky and sea, I find there’s not much that’s true blue in the natural world. There’s the rivers on the South Island of New Zealand (where I am going next week – YAY!) and… hmmm… coming up with some purply things they call blue – but blue flowers… yeah, they are pretty rare. I resisted any urge to saturate or otherwise enhance the colours of this beauty, though I did sharpen it and run a high pass filter to make it as 3D as I could.


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