Busking for Riga Blues

Rather fell in love with this boy and how he wailed his traditional Latvian folk-punk anthems at the passersby. Threw him a lot of coins – it takes a lot of beer to fuel that kind of passion.

I wonder if he’s still there or if he’s grown and gone, settled in a comfortable suburb with a nice wife and a new baby. He may have thrown away the boots, but I bet he’s still got that guitar.

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4 thoughts on “Busking for Riga Blues

  1. The boy in your post knocked on the heart. Thank you for the photography that returned me from the wandering in the sky back to day-to-day being.
    By the way, this red looked attractively to <a href= http:// Butterfly in Plaster


    1. Thanks – there was something about him, more than youth – that quirky, oddball quality – the potential to be someone special if he was willing to do the work.

      Or he could have got the job his parents wanted for him and let it all go. To be safe – which is, after all, what we are programmed to do. A little rebellion is fine, but when it comes down to it, a man must do what men must do…


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