You ever get the feeling???

I’m always on the lookout, listening, watching, sniffing around for what’s going on. Sometimes it’s kind of creepy what you find…

This fella was just down the street from our hotel. We were heading out looking for a local restaurant, carrying our tripods, so we could do some night shooting. (Yes, we needed another couple hundred amazing shots of the Petronas Towers at night! My secret shame – yes, I am a geek!) We couldn’t quite figure out was going on at the bottom of this fence, it looked like something was churning or spinning. As we got closer we realised there were hundreds of rats! And a rather disturbing homemade ‘No Trespassing’ sign. I think the rats did the job well enough. I meant to give the whole business a wide berth, but then I saw this guy peeking out at me and I had to get in as close as I could and capture him in the gloom of the amber streetlights…

Is the security guard going to be pointing a rifle at my head? Crikey! I won’t be going in here!

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10 thoughts on “You ever get the feeling???

  1. I love the NO TRESPASSING sign. Intrudors will be prosecuted and a picture of an intruder being held up at gun point. So clear. Understandable in any language.

    Isn’t that one of the coolest things about travel — reading the signs?


    1. It’s the gun pointed at the trespassers head when they are facing away with their arms up that gets me.

      Yes, the signs are an endless source of amusement. Actually, they are here at home, too.


  2. My favorite sign was in England and it said “Road Liable to Flooding”. Liable is such a big word. Here in the U.S. it would say “Road May Flood”.


    1. The English sign gets points for being English as a native language.

      In our hotel in Indonesia there was a sign over the toilet instructing us not to throw used sanity napkins or other items into the closet…


  3. I love, love the sign. May I grab it to use at some later date?

    As for the rats . . . I don’t mind seeing rats on television, but in person, they give me the willies. We live near a marsh, and once in a while, we get roof rats in the winter who come into our garage. My husband is absolutely terrified of rats, in the same way that I am terrified of zombies.


    1. Feel free! The image came out noisy and dirty which is why it ran in a second place position. I do have a version that I took during the day that is crisp and clean – but it doesn’t have the sinister quality of the night shot.


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